Diversicon in a nutshell

Diversicon develops the skills of people in the autism spectrum with the aims of placing them into work and supporting them with demand-oriented job coaching in the long-term. At the same time, Diversicon helps employers in finding skilled workers and to promote diversity in all areas of their organization.

We are offering the following services:

  • Autism-specific pre-vocational course (2 months in fulltime)
  • Personnel placement (through temporary work or direct placements)
  • Job coaching
  • Consulting on autism & work

We solve the problem of high unemployment among people with autism

Diversicon tackles the problem of high unemployment among autistic people. Autists often have special skills. They are intrinsically motivated and in many cases are very well-trained. However, they often have difficulties with social interactions and communication, resulting in problems with finding and keeping jobs.

Out of approximately 800 000 autistic people living in Germany, it is assumed that around 85 % are unemployed. Among them are many non-activated skilled professionals. Hence, this is not only a social problem. Instead, it is an economic problem that entails a high cost for society. In the current situation, there are only losers: unemployed people with autism, companies that need skilled employees and the tax payers who pay considerable transfer benefits.

1000 jobs for autists

In Germany, Diversicon is the only organization of its kind that offers its services with a comprehensive approach, aiming to sustainably bring people into permanent job positions. Our autism-specific work-related training modules and the subsequent job placement are the unique characteristics of our approach.

To us, success means changing the lives of each and every single autistic person we work with as well as contributing to an inclusive and diverse society. In the next seven years, we aim to create 1000 jobs for people with autism throughout Germany.

By bringing autistic people who would otherwise be unemployed into the workforce, we contribute to their societal integration. Furthermore, we create opportunities for autistic and non-autistic people to interact with each other – thereby contributing to inclusion and diversity. Teams can benefit from people who think differently. Having autists in one’s non-profit or for-profit organization can lead to more innovation, creativity and success. Diversicon wants to make the potentials of autists apparent for organizations and in society at large.

Information for autistic jobseekers

Our pre-vocational course

Our participants will go through a full-time training for eight weeks. In this course, our participants will work out career perspectives based on their preferences, interests and autistic strengths. The aim of the course is to provide a toolbox of strategies to enhance the capacity to act in future employments.

  • The Module Personal Skills focusses on getting a grip on individual strengths, vulnerabilities and stressors.
  • Social Skills is the largest part and ranges from basic social structures, through communication techniques, to conflict management.
  • Method Skills provides solutions and working techniques for tasks that are perceived as particularly stressful by most autist.

Job coaching to stabilize employment

Once placed into work, job coaching is an invaluable method to make employment sustainable. The job coach can be seen as a “social translator” and helps on several occasions:

  • Information of employers and team members about the topic of autism
  • Individual coaching of the autistic employee
  • Mitigation of misunderstandings and potential conflicts

Possible routes from the participants‘ point of view

Information for employers

Our personnel placement service

Diversicon acts as a recruiter for companies and organizations in supporting their search for qualified personnels and skilled employees. This takes place either by direct placement or by a fixed term temporary work with the path towards permanent employment.

In parallel to employment, we provide both parties with a job coaching service that has been proven to be an important factor to facilitate employment and make it more sustainable.

Autistic strengths

People with autism have special abilities that we call autistic strengths:

  • Pattern recognition skills
  • Intrinsic quality awareness
  • True passion about their special interests
  • Lateral thinking – always having new perspectives
  • Highly organised
  • Attention to detail
  • Absolute honesty

Ideal fields of professional responsibility

For sustainable employment, the professional tasks should be in line with the individual autistic strengths. Thus, some general fields of expertise across very different sectors and functions can be ascertained:

  • Structuring and optimization
  • Consistency checks and sophisticated plan vs. actual comparison
  • Quality management
  • Development and design
  • Research and analysis

Possible industries

A few examples of industry sectors and functions with a special aptitude for people from the autism spectrum include:

  • Financial sector (accounting, controlling, compliance, forensic analysis)
  • Logistics, transport, engineering (planning, optimization)
  • Quality control, certification, documentation, process improvement
  • All planning, design and development tasks

Necessary working environment

The placement of people with autism can be supported by some general measures to reduce stress and to facilitate social interaction:

  • Low-stimulus environment
  • Clear communication and task definition
  • Job coach as a “social translator”

Our team

#diverseisnormal – we embody diversity

Our management team consists of one director who is autistic and one who is not. Thus, we embody what we preach. We hope that our example will give applicants the courage to take their future into their own hands and work with us. Furthermore, we believe that by leading with example, we are able to convince future employers about the skills of people with autism. Moreover, we as a team gain valuable experience in our daily work, which we then include into the training, coaching and placement.

What inspired our founders?

At the age of 14, the son of the co-founder Dirk Müller-Remus was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Inspired by his son, Dirk decided to make a substantial career change from his previous work in IT: In 2011 he founded an IT consultancy company, auticon, that employs autistic people as IT consultants. However, approximately 80 % of autists have their special interests and skills in fields other than IT. Thus, Diversicon’s purpose is to make the often hidden potentials of many autists accessible to companies.

Don’t hesitate to contact us:

Sally Maria Ollech
+49 170 963 87 91

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